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Creativity and Worship

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It’s sounds so right to say those two words together…like, “peanut butter and jelly,” or “biscuits and gravy” (I guess I’ve got food on the brain).

But seriously! Shouldn’t our worship be creative? Why are we so afraid to break the mold, to take “the road less traveled,” to be daring, even at the risk of failing!? I’m not talking about worship “styles” either. I don’t care if you attend a very modern/contemporary church or a traditional/liturgical church – and frankly, I don’t think God cares either. “Contemporary” can be just as much of a rut as “traditional.” In fact, I believe that the recent trend in Christian music to revisit the hymns and traditional music of the Church is an attempt to get out of the “contemporary” rut! We’re beginning to realize that that “modern” doesn’t equal “anointed.” The anointing flows where the name of Jesus Christ is lifted up!

So how can we bring creativity into our worship? I’m trying to think outside of the box here…I’m realizing that I have a tendency to limit creativity to the platform – what is the worship team doing? What is the pastor preaching? What is being projected onto the screen? Can creativity be used elsewhere? How about the seating arrangement? What if everyone got down off the platform for a Sunday, and the whole thing happened on ground level? What if the pastor preached first, then you ended with worship? What if you decided not to have a Sunday service one week at the church, and decided to meet at a local park instead? What if you had a few people do live announcements from a street corner somewhere? Or what if you wanted to do a lesson on evangelism, and so one Sunday you sent some people out with a camera, and a live feed back to the church, and had the church observe real-time street evangelism, with real-time responses from real people? No editing! What if you had a Sunday of silence? No preaching. No music. Just silent meditation and prayer?

God is creative. He made this world, and thought up all the cool stuff in it. Every rock, tree, insect, and animal. And I am continually amazed by the way God works His will in my life. I NEVER see it coming – at least not it the way He does it. God is FULL of unique and creative ideas, and we should be too! Any other radical or ridiculous ideas out there about how to worship our creative God??


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July 2, 2009 at 11:35 pm

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