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Sunday Setlists 09/27/09

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This is part of Fred McKinnon’s Sunday Setlist series. I play electric guitar on our team, and sing a little.

This Sunday was absolutely awesome! We’ve recently made a change to our Sunday morning rehearsal in which we spend the first 20-30 minutes just worshiping as a team, usually with just one person on acoustaic guitar or keys, and everyone else singing.  It has made a real difference. As it has been said, “You can’t lead people to a place you’ve never been.” Going into the presence of God ahead of the congregation (so to speak) makes it that much easier to lead them there when the service starts.

The Time Has Come – Hillsong United

Dancing Generation – Matt Redman
At the beginning of the service, a bunch of the youth came to the front to worship/dance, and it totally electrified the atmosphere, and when we started this song, the church just flew off the handle! It was great. I’ve NEVER seen that many people dancing in our church! In fact, it startled me a little. For the first few measures I was focusing on the guitar part and so didn’t look up, but then when I did, the whole church was bouncing up and down. It was awesome to see the church cutting loose!

Salvation is Here – Hillsong United

Greatest Gift – Matt Redman

Here in Your Presence – New Life Worship
This is the second Sunday we played this song. Last time, we didn’t really play it well, I don’t think, but this Sunday we nailed it. And what was even better, the congregation really entered in. I mean REALLY! It was truly a breakthrough Sunday, and it was awesome to be a part of it. Without question, this will become a favorite.

You Never Let Go – Matt Redman


Revolution – Hillsong United
Fast, fast, fast. But tons of fun to play!


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September 28, 2009 at 4:00 pm

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