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First of all, I’m awesome. Second, I’m VERY awesome. And third, Jesus Christ is way awesomer. I serve Him, I worship Him, and I love Him. It is my heart’s desire to honor Him in everything I do, say, or think. It is my desire to spend my life in His service, whatever that may be, glorious or ingolorious – joyful or sorrowful – in great abundance, or in desperate want.

Of course, my faith and my obedience don’t always attain to this desire of my heart. I am often selfish, faithless, sinful. But through His grace I get better every day; more and more of my “old self” is being stripped away, while my “new self” is being tranformed into His image day by day.

I’m a musician. I play guitar, drums (decently), keys (sort of), mandolin (not so well), and I sing (horrendously). But I have a blast doing it.

I work as a Case Manager. I don’t derive my sense of identity from this job, or from being in the “Social Services” profession – though I think there is a little bit of pride that comes along with it. I’ve come to the disillusioned realization that my job is not so much to help people, as to perpetuate the beurocracy of the Behavioral Health profession. Every now and then, I am able to rise above it all, and actually do some good, and I guess that’s enough. But for the rest of the time, I do paperwork…

I’m single (much to my dismay), so any single Christian girls out there, Holla back! (I think I pretty much just ruined any chance of that actually happening by that last statment).


Written by jeffrossman

October 6, 2008 at 9:39 pm

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